Fixing Dataset that was set to Replace instead of Append


I had a Twilio dataset that was pulling data in each day for the last few months fine. However now that Im ready to start using the data, I realised that I had set the scheduling to use the replace method instead of append.


From what I can see, the data still exists, so what is the best way to merge all the data again?


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    Have you tried something like changing the connector past days setting in order to accommodate for all your data needs, and while the connector is in replace mode do one import. Then change te past days setting to the desired value and also change the connector to append. 


    In theory this would clear the dataset, get all the past data and then continue appending DATA every days


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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  • user02573

    For the Twilio connection there isn't any past days settings.


    I find it really odd that the default update is set to Replace.