Using Domo on large touchscreens


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Has anyone used Domo on large touchscreens?


I'm currently scoping Domo as a platform to use on a large touchscreen in a boardroom scenario. I'd like the detail and richness of the desktop experience on a large screen, but the touch functions of the mobile app. 


What I'm experiencing is that whilst Domo looks great on a large touchscreen, from a useability perspective it's actually quite cumbersome without a mouse pointer. If I want to scroll down a page and touch a card, it will either drag the card around or think I'm clicking on the card, so I have to then touch only white space to scroll. Also, many of our cards are set up with hover details, but on a touchscreen you can't over a cursor over an element in a card, because the moment you touch it, the moment you get into the card. These are really small things but they make the overall user experience of Desktop mode using touch, quite cumbersome.


On the other hand, if we switch to the mobile app, which we would then need to plug in a mobile device to the large touchscreen, we then lose the rich features that the Desktop version has over the mobile version.


I'm hoping the Domo gurus out there have experience in implementing what I'm trying to achieve. 





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    Could someone share their relevant experience on this matter?

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