Goal adjusts when filter applied


I'm working on a card that shows actuals/forecast by month at a program level. I work with 6 teams and I'd like to be able to just apply a filter to the card to focus on 1 of the 6 teams. Currently I have a goal set for the program but am wondering if there's a way to have the goal auto-adjust based on which team I filter on.


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    Hey Jerawso!


    I don't know of a way to do this on a card level, but if you use ETL, you could add a goal column to your dataset, then use that column as a series on your graph (for a line). That way whatever filter you added to the graph the goal line would adjust accordingly. 


    Let me know if you need any help with it and I can provide an example of how I would do it. 


    Best of luck!

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  • jerawso

    I can do this. I was hoping there was an easier way but I will give it a try. Thanks Xerva!

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