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We are using a map to show the quantity of locations that we have in each province. The problem that we have is that although our information is correct when you hover over each Province, the bar chart below shows decimal points. We can't show that we have 18.1 locations in a province as this is not possible. Is there a way to show the correct data on the bar chart or remove the bar chart from the map view?

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    So if you're referring to the range on the graph when you say "bar chart", which I believe you are, the decimal places in the numbers on the range are not displayiing that you have a decimal place location in any province. The cardbuilder is simply taking the range of locations in the data and creating color coding based on specific range values. 


    Screenshot from example I created, as you can see, the range is created with decimals even though all my values are whole numbers.


    Map Example.PNG



    One thing you can do to get around this would be to create custom ranges in the "chart properties" section, that allows you to specify two specific ranges with corresponding colors. That way you can eliminate the decimals from the range values. This seems to only work for two ranges however. 


    I wasn't able to see a way in the graph to remove the range completely.


    Hope this is helpful!

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