Best of the Month April 2015


Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Best of the Month blog in the Dojo!


We had a exciting kickoff of the Dojo during the Domopalooza conference with 27 customers who successfully completed our workshop and many more who earned a founders badge by registering for the Dojo in the first days after going live. 


Now for the April highlights:


Congratulations to @pliu @RobynLinden @cmarkum and @nalbright for becoming the first customers to earn the Yellow Belt status!


@pliu will receive a badge for posting the first customer post in the Dojo. Pliu has been very active in April having the most customer logins, second most likes received and second most net ideas submitted in the Ideas exchange many of which have received many likes!


@cmarkum had a great month delivering the most accepted solutions (3) and receiving the most likes in the community (43), congratulations! In addition, one of his ideas currently has the most likes with 10.


@RobynLinden has been the most active member in the community in April delivering the most posts (43) and the greatest amount of minutes on line. Robyn also asked the first question in the community that was solved by @cmarkum during our workshop. I later shared this out on Twitter.


@nalbright had a great month with very engaging conversations and the second highest number of posts. He has also given his fellow Dojo members the most likes in April with 49! That's how you say thanks!


Honorable mention to some other customers who delivered solutions in April. Shout out to @Shevy,  @anotherdatageek@ckatzman@rebekah for delivering solutions in April.


Overall we had almost 100 customers join the Dojo in April with several hundred posts made, likes given and more than a dozen solutions delivered.


We are off to a great start and look forward to grow the Dojo and make this a great place for our customers to collaborate, share ideas and knowledge, and connect with one another to create an awesome Domo community.


Thanks again to everyone in the Dojo, I look forward to your feedback on the blog!




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