Best of April 2017!




Dojo strength continues with a very engaging month, great conversation and some very cool solutions.


New to Dojo is @PodiumMason who has arrived with a bang leading all members with 7 solutions on 24 posts, received 15 likes while giving 9 likes to others! Welcome to the Dojo!!!


Right up there with @PodiumMason is @AS who delivered 6 solutions on 26 posts while receiving 13 likes, giving 9 likes and commenting on 2 ideas. Well done Aaron!!!


@Kurbz was very active with 25 posts, 1 solution, 1 idea, 9 idea comments and received 7 likes!!! Great job!


@Shevy was the most efficient member delivering 2 solutions only 3 posts, while receiving 9 likes, AMAZING!


Remaining solution providers in April with 1 each were @swagner@sgraham@Godiepi@mbelmont@user00341@MarkGoold@kimmy_p@nkranker@ckatzman (also with 13 likes!) and @deepabijjula


Other top contributors in April were @mcoblentz 13 posts and 5 likes.


On the Ideas front @Tomo lead everyone in April with 7 ideas, posting 14 times and receiving 11 likes! Congrats!


Other ideas contributor leaders; @honda and @GIriarte with 5 each, @SJ and @user08458 with 3 each, @CFRyan and @RobynLinden with 2 each, while each of the following contributed 1 idea in April:


@mcoblentz@RGranada@arav@KateVanBuskirk@bvaut@JFusselman@anafziger@cpeters@bof@Noam@gatesma@Chips@fsalinas@CoreVest (also gave 32 likes WOW!!!), @AndreaChapman@baroncurtin@Haloupek@alexquinones@JasonWebber


Other top likes received members @RobynLinden (9), @honda (6)  @user08458 (5), @GIriarte (4).


Congratulations to @Godzilla@Godiepi and @ckatzman for reaching the Dojo Blue Belt status.


As I mentioned at Domopalooza we are unveiling today 6 more Belt levels to achieve in Dojo from Major Blue Belt all the way to Black Belt. To learn more see my post here. Finally be sure to check out the Domopalooza pics in our Domopalooza 2017 board here.


Thanks again to all of our fabulous Dojo members, keep up the great dialogue!


Dojo Rankings 2017.jpg


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