Unable to login in certain browsers

We have two users who are unable to login in certain browsers.


One is able to login using Chrome, but not IE.

The other can login to IE, but not Chrome.


Any suggestions?


  • Is the login issue to Domo product in addition to logging in to Dojo?


    Can someone share a screen shot or capture the url when they encounter the issues to share out?




  • The issue is logging in to Domo.  I can try and get a screenshot, but the message is states it is an incorrect login or password.

  • Have you tried to reset your password or contact your Domo Admin. 


    Which browsers are you able to log in to?


  • Yes, I manually changed the users password to something really easy.


    He was able to successfully log in to IE with no issues, but couldn't log in to Chrome.


  • I would suggest clearing the browing history and cookies in Chrome to see if that fixes the problem.