Best of December 2016!




We closed out 2016 very strong and my apology for the delayed blog.


@AS continued his hot streak delivering 15 solutions, receiving 25 likes, posting 43 times and suggesting 3 ideas in December. Way to go AS!!!


Other solution providers in December deserving honorable mention are @Godiepi (3), @Godzilla(2) whole all of the following members delivered one solution to the Dojo@ckatzman @guitarhero23@ysb@lesliefenwick@vblain@Kung-fu_Panda and @ruben.


Great work everyone!

@AshfordMH led all members with 19 ideas while receiving 20 likes!!! Other top idea leaders were @ckatzman (7) @Hua and @anafziger with 5 each, @honda with 3. @mardefta@koba@thunder_ops & @chechin all submitted 1 idea each.


The most generous member was @anafziger who gave 59 likes WOW!!!!


January has picked up a lot of steam and the new UI seems to be well received.


Do not miss out on entering our Dojo contest for a chance for free lodging at Domopalooza 2017.


Thanks everyone!

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