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Hi All,


Recently got onto domo, we use Magento and i would like to integrate this properly into the domo cards


I have connected the MySQL properly so there is not issues there


My issue is what apps are compatible with the data from MYSQL, are there prebuilt ones that i can simply used and plug n play


Any help would be greatly appreciated




  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @Alexalto?


  • BCorless
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    Thank you for your question regarding apps in the App Store and your MySQL datasets.


    Apps in the Domo App Store are pre-built to expect specific column names, and datatypes in each column. Along with each app, there is an installation guide that will describe what columns are expected.


    If your MySQL table does not match, you can use either a Magic ETL or SQL dataflow to update the column names and datatypes. That datset can then be used to power your app!


    Installation Guide.png

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  • @Alexalto, did @macrobolic's reply help you out?

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    It looks like 2 years since the last post on Magento. We are currently shopping for a replacement on our existing CRM. Does anyone have any experience using Magento with DOMO at the moment (Good or bad)? 



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