Best of November 2016!




We had a solid November finishing off the month with the release of our new landing page for Dojo.


Leading the VIPs this month was @AS who continues to be very active and bring his deep knowledge of Domo to the Dojo. He delivered 39 posts, 11 solutions, received 18 likes while giving 11. Well done!


@Godiepi also had a great November and continues to rise in the Dojo delivering 6 solutions, 14 posts and receiving 10 likes. Outstanding!


Other members delivering solutions were @Kung-fu_Panda (2), @phillipgornicki (2) and @TheDataGuy (1) thank you!


@Kung-fu_Panda lead all members with 4 new ideas while receiving 9 likes and posting 9 times. Excellent!


@iresanjogar lead all members with 12 likes given, while posting 13 times, and submitting 2 new ideas. Kudos!


Many others are regularly checking in at the Dojo and we want to take a moment to congratulate all of our top contributors in November and wish everyone a joyous and Happy Holiday Season.


Our Next Domo Dojo Day is coming up on Dec 15th. We will be kicking off our next Dojo customer contest which will run through the end of January and offer prizes for free lodging at Domopalooza 2017. keep an eye out for the details which will be unveiled on Dec 15th


Shout out to our top members belt members @Godzilla@RobynLinden@Shevy@swyatt@pliu@PEAKS_valleys@Johnf@GIriarte@Dan@cr1ckt@cmarkum@CoreVest@RosanneBroersma@rado98@nlombardini@mcoblentz@JustAGirlyGeek@jfestejo0614@betogess@tc@magicdust@Chips@eizquierdo@canioacaputo@Jiro@DHargens


Finally, we will be racking the annual top VIPs in Dojo using metrics through the end of January to determine Dojo VIPs who will be recognized at Domopalooza in March.


Exciting times, thank you all for staying connected in Dojo! It would be great if everyone can share more of their best practices in the newly released board here.



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