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Is there a way to add a filter to the data being pulled when changing the data source on a custom app created in AI?


Basicly I have created a custom app with two tables in AI. 

I uploaded to custom app to my domo site, And am brought into the add card section after uploading, where I change the data set its looking at from the default data set to my live data.  


Then I set the columns to the wanted values in the new database. But before I can get done the system locks up for quite a while as its trying to display millions of records.  


What I want to do it add a filter to only show records for yesterday or some other value so its not trying to load millions of records.   Is this possilbe or do I have have to do a ETL to pre filter the rows when working with custom apps?


  • AS

    I have only seen it work successfully when you  do almost all of the filtering in dataflows before AI gets ahold of the data.  Last time I tried I could let the card do simple operations like sums, but I had to do a bit of dataflow work to prepare the data.

    You may have to experiment until you find a method that works for you.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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