date range in beast mode


I am trying to filter data out of a card by creating a beast mode using the min() function of the date range selected. 

Example: My date field is call Date_Alarm, when the user selects a range I want to filter additional records out by comparing the min and max dates in the range to another date on the record.


I tried to setup a beast mode: case when ‘date_installed’ <= min(date_alarm) then 1 else 0 end.  This does not work. 

I notice if I create a table and add the beast mode item ( min(date_alarm) ) it returns the correct value.  As soon as I add a date field to the table the beast mode item date changes based on the date field I added.


Can this be done? 


  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    I think you cannot combine aggregated data with non-agreagated data in a beastmode. i.e. Min(DateAlarm) looks a several rows but "Installed Date" look at only 1 row.


    There is probably a more techincal way to describe this but regardless its a PITA and very inconvenient.


    Hopefully I am wrong though.

  • @jandrews, did @rado98's reply help you out?

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