Best of August 2016!




We had a fantastic August and maybe the largest number of contributors to provide solutions to date. @PEAKS_valleys led the way for all members with 5 Accepted Solutions and 27 posts, Great job!!!


@Godiepi delivered 4 Accepted Solutions

@eizquierdo delivered 3 Accepted Solutions

@ckatzman delivered 2 Accepted Solutions


All of the following delivered 1 solution in August: @JustAGirlyGeek@rado98@JCB76@theCliffs@shaanarora@Godzilla@crocija@CoreVest@josh_schlag@CBlandon@kingaaronj@LuisV@SarahDyer@TimB@jferrara


Congratulations to all.


@JustAGirlyGeek was the most liked author with 24 likes received, while @GIriarte had 17, @cmasse 16 and @ckatzman with 12. Awesome!!!


On the Ideas front our top ideas contributors were @GIriarte (7), @DHargens (6) and @Chips (5). Very nice!


We will be holding our first regional meet up next Monday September 12th in Santa Clara with some of our Major Domo Dojo members who are in the Bay area. @mcoblentz has been gracious enough to host the event which will be the first of many to come. 


We will have a follow on to this with a broader meet up at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco Oct 5 & 6. We will continue to set up meet ups with our most active Dojo members that are co-located near each other so stay tuned for more on this.


Keep up the great posting and engagements!



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