Best of June 2016!




My apology for the delay in getting out the June VIP summary. We are continuing to see great momentum in the Dojo and a growing group of super customers helping one another out!


Leading our solutions in June were @Godzilla@Godiepi@rado98@MichaelC who all delivered 5, 4, 3 and 2 solutions! Honorable mention goes to following all who delivered 1 solution @Johnf@ckatzman@eizquierdo@shevy, @tseamans@JustAGirlyGeek@gwsv-it, @JoSaCh @SilverCode.


Great content everyone!


Most likes received with at least 10 were:


@GIriarte@RobynLinden@BABWMajorDOMO@nlombardini @SamEich@Nick-Hede@rado98@gaurav007


On the idea front:


@ManseauN led all members with 3 new ideas, while the following had two: @GIriarte, @cmasse@adubrow@gomezican and @lovelock


and the following one new idea:


@BABWMajorDOMO@nlombardini @SamEich@ccpincombe@ben_bar@albertodac@pravaliya@drippere


Finally a big shout out to @Shevy and @Godzilla who led all with at least a dozen posts during June. 


July numbers continue to be strong!


I am working on developing and releasing the next levels of Dojo belts in the coming month in addition to announcing addition VIP perks. Stay tuned and keep up the great dialogue in the Dojo.



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