Best of May 2016!



We had a great may which was out strongest month to date for posts made and solutions authored!!! 

In addition, some of top members are climbing the ranks!


Congratulations to:


@RobynLinden on earning her Purple Belt and only the second VIP to reach this level.


@Shevy@Godiepi@cmarkum & @Johnf on earning your Green Belts, well done guys!!!


Now for the May stats:


@Johnf led the pack delivering 3 solutions while @ckatzman and @Godzilla delivered 2. The following members all delivered one solution in May; @nlombardini@Godiepi@tc@canioacaputo@JCB76@nnestel@rado98@RGranada@Duc@isaiah@MarkFlachs@domo_ooed. Congratulations!!!


Most liked authors in May had more than 10 each, @nlombardini led the group with 21, while the following members were close behind: Congrats and thank you to @ckatzman@RobynLinden@SLaczny@GIriarte@SamEich@ShawnRiesterer@Dan@Nick-Hede@RosanneBroersma@cmarkum@Chips and @jvenlet.


@cr1ckt led everyone with 4 new ideas submitted while @SamEich had 3 and @RobynLinden@SLaczny & @GIriarte all submitted 2 new ideas.


@fsalinas joined the Dojo in May and led everyone with 10 comments in the Ideas exchange followed by @SamEich with 9, @ckatzman with 8, @srosen with 7. Great dialogue everyone!!!


June is continuing with strong momentum!


Mark your calendars for the next Domo Dojo Day on June 16th!




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