Best of April 2016




April was a very strong month coming on the heels of an amazing Domopalooza 2016 event.


@ckatzman took the Dojo by storm delivering 6 solutions, 20 posts, 5 ideas and receiving 15 likes. He led almost all other members in most of these categories. In addition he was able to move up to a green belt and is emerging as one of our very top members. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


@Shevy@Godzilla and @mdelorey all delivered 2 solutions each while @Johnf@jasonm@arifilm@gresmi@sanchj8@ElizabethKlein@jsudre@lorig@Devinr@NewsomSolutions and @czmudzinski all had 1 accepted solution in April. Well done!


@SLaczny had an impressive month with 16 posts, 7 ideas and 9 likes received.


@RobynLinden lead all members with 27 likes received and 4 ideas posted. @Johnf@gaurav007@cmarkum@Dan@SamEich@cr1ckt@newbie and @jeaninejiang all received double digit likes. 


Thanks everyone for the great month.


See you in the Dojo!






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