Best of January 2016!




My apologies for posting this blog late. January was a very exciting month and kick off to 2016. We witnessed greater traffic and engagement reaching new highs in a number of areas. More importantly we had greater breadth of engagement across our Domo customer base in some part due to our first contest that we ran in January.


Here are the leaders for January:


Accepted Solutions@CantStopTheHopp led all members delivering 3 solutions while @ckatzman delivered 2. All of the following @Kung-fu_Panda@MReznick@Godzilla@magicdust@HelenOBrien@Mike_Gall@SLamba@Jim_Medina, @canioacaputo@Duc, @gush@stahuram delivered 1 solution . Thank you!


Likes received@GIriarte led the pack with 34 likes received and the second highest number of posts with 16. @Dan & @RobynLinden were a close second and third receiving 26 and 24 likes respectively. @cmarkum@RosanneBroersma@Godiepi@jfestejo0614@jeaninejiang@pliu @Shevy all received more than 10 likes each some of which were votes for the great contest entries made!


Ideas:  @cr1ckt was on fire in January with 13 ideas submitted and the highest number of posts with 19 and highest number of likes given 53, Congratulations!!!  @RobynLinden had 7 ideas and a very generous 47 likes given to others! @Dan had 5,@christophorce had 4, @vkaul had 3 and the following folks @CantStopTheHopp @ckatzman@pliu@Shevy@mcoblentz@czmudzinski & @collin all submitted 2. There were quote a few more that submitted 1.


Thanks everyone for the great month and congratulations to the leaders in January!!!




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