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  • Thank you @ArborRose and @ST_-Superman-_ Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Hope you both have a great weekend!
  • ST_-Superman-_ That worked! I used it as a filter and it did provide me to data that I needed. Thank you!
  • @ArborRose Yes, when I do that, I can get the drill down when I click on the data. But I need to send this as a scheduled report via excel so they would like to see all the data on the excel sheet.
  • @ST_-Superman-_ I used the beast mode calc that you provided but I was not getting any data
  • @ArborRose the fields are site name, then count of ticket number and then ticket number - no aggregation so it can lists the ticket numbers I was able to get sites that had 3 or more tickets but then I needed to add the ticket numbers as well and thats where i'm getting stuck on. I noticed that as well i was looking at the…
  • Thank you ArborRose, I tried doing it that was as well but no data will show for that filter as well.
  • @MarkSnodgrass Thank you sir! I believe that did the trick. But for some reason, Domo is not able to save the card after adding the new formula. Does the system not recognize the formula?
  • Hi @DashboardDude , Thank you for your advice. I tried to create a new board per your advice but I could not figure out how to get a dynamic unpivot table. Sorry, we just started Domo few months ago and still getting to know the system,
  • @MarkSnodgrass , thank you for the advice. I tried using the formula that you provided but the SUM of the ticket number seems like it's adding the actual ticket number and not the count, so I changed it to SUM(COUNT(TicketNbr)) OVER (PARTITION BY board_name ORDER BY date_entered) But the Avg column for each date is…
  • Sorry, Here is the screenshot of the data- I need an average of each of the rows whether its 5 days into the month or 10, 15, so on. I started with this calc- SUM(date_entered)/DAYOFMONTH(date_entered) but that doesn't work and i've been playing around with it but getting no where,