Workbench 5 error message when uploading local Excel file...

Attempting to create a job uploading a local excel file using Workbench 5. Getting the error message depicted below… File looks clean to me. There are several formulas in the sheet returning #N/A errors. I've set the below error handling for this.

Any ideas what is wrong with the excel file? (I've also tried to upload the file as just copy/pasted values to remove formulas and received the same error message).



  • @Matt_DAlto Can you please share the other settings you have configured on the job? The error appears to be related to mis-aligned ranges, not necessarily nulls

  • @MichelleH Yes! These are some additional configurations… Schema is not available because I wasn't able to run or preview the job.

  • @MichelleH Is it possible that it's a file permission error? Or that the file path is on OneDrive and not simply local?