Ability to add Annotations at a data set level

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Finding that there are a lot of data caveats or annotations that need to be applied to multiple cards/dashboards. Being able to call out data caveats at a data set level, where any user building a new card off of that data set the annotation would be automatically added to the card if the given time frame is included in the visualization. Abilities to include or exclude annotation in the view would be helpful, which i believe already exist, but further functionality could help.

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  • DataMaven

    How would you see that playing out? You mentioned time frames, but I am not sure how that would be set up or applied.

    Right now, for dataset level notes, I use the dataset description. I think that would be something that would be relatively easy for Domo to propagate out to cards via the card description. It could work much like the dataset name populates as the card name when you first create a card using a dataset. Would that help with your use case?

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  • NathanDalley

    Perhaps a small icon could appear in the corner, similar to the shield that appears when a Dataset is filtered by PDP.

    I often find that I'm looking for a place to write notes about Datasets. The Description does not really have the correct formatting for the lists that I would like to annotate.

    Perhaps anther Tab on the dataset or a Card on the overview

  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    I would add that there should be some way to make annotations private. That way if I open a chart, my annotations show up, but if someone else in the organization opens the same visual, they only see their annotations unless otherwise specified. Maybe some sort of setting the owner of a card can set to make the private, public etc.