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I am trying to produce a graph by month for tickets which have met my Response SLA.  I have a Countdistinct already on ID as there are duplicates annoyingly but I have a field Response time in seconds and I want to work out which tickets have <=900 and which have >900. 


Response Time in Seconds is my field and ID is my ticket ID.


I tried working with some things on the other posts but I think using this Case Count Distinct it is counting the distinct times as opposed to the IDs?  I had two different calculations one with the less than equal then another with greater than,


WHEN `stats_first_resp_time_in_secs` <= 900 then `id`


I hope I have given enough info to understand what I am trying to get, I have my month by month graph using Created At and YOY but I cannot get the bar to match the total number of incidents, because I am almost certainly doing that wrong

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Why do you need Count Distinct?


    To categorize your performance you could write


    WHEN `stats_first_resp_time_in_secs` <= 900 then 'Under SLA' else 'Over SLA'


    then take Ticket out of the access and do a row count as your aggregate function.

    That should answer how many you had under and over SLA.


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  • KJRowe6

    Would this work the same for strings please?


    WHEN `custom_fields_incident_severity` = 'Severity 5 (Non-Critical Alert or False Alert) ' then 'Non Actionable' else 'Actionable'


    It returns them all as opposed to any Actionables