Using date values for both x-axis and y-axis in chart


I have a dataset with a number of series (10-20) with two sets of dates that want to plot on both axis (see example below):

x-axis - update date (date a schedule was run to project anticipated finish dates - each series will have the same update dates)

y-axis - finish date (projected finish date for each series - date specific to each series and each update date)


Is there a way to produce this chart in DOMO? I've tried a few ways and DOMO indicates unable to process data.


milestone trend chartmilestone trend chart 




  • Jaketh13
    Jaketh13 Contributor


    First, I think this would be a great enhancement request. It doesn't look like it's currently possible to use a date value in both axes. That said, I have a potential, moderately tested workaround for you.


    What I would do is create a new column that is a copy of one of the axes then convert it to a string. you could then use this to display the values and the original to sort and filter on.

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  • BCorless
    BCorless Domo Employee


    I may be missing what you're trying to plot, but it sounds like a Gantt chart may work for what you want to visualize. This would give you a way of categorizing the series, and the chart will plot both the "start" and "end" dates of that series as a part of the project. Would that work for your needs?


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  • user003279

    Gantt chart works to visualize current schedule of tasks (one update) not to measure the trend of the completion of those tasks over multiple update periods. See image I posted originally for example.

  • @user003279


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  • user05438

    Hi @Jaketh13 , I took your recommendation and cast the date into varchar in tSQL before bring in DOMO. After doing this and put this varchar date on y axis, DOMO shows me nothing. Any idea why it doesn't work?

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