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Hi, I am wondering if anyone has ever had a ask for a way to just write sql against a dataset, or join to datasets. I know we have redshift, but this would be more like a SQL IDE you would use in a relational database. I know its kinda an odd question, but we have some users who prefer sql vs magic etl. I have seen the AI demo that generates the SQL and runs against a dataset so seems possible.

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  • MichelleH

    @Byboth Yes, Domo supports SQL dataflows in MySQL and Redshift: https://domo-support.domo.com/s/article/360042922994?language=en_US

    That said, MagicETL runs much more efficiently than SQL dataflow because it can execute steps simultaneously whereas SQL transforms must be run sequentially. As someone who was also more comfortable with SQL I've found that switching to MagicETL has been well worth it because it reduces the amount of time between runs, so I don't have to spend so much time waiting to validate my dataflow changes.

  • DataMaven

    @Byboth - Michelle is spot-on.

    Have you tried to create any dataflows yet? The SQL option is quite prominent, so I am thinking you are just looking at documentation, perhaps?

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  • timehat
    timehat Domo Employee

    Check out this "SQL EDITOR" option in Views Explorer:

    Which enables this:

    View queries are evaluated for each query against the view. If the underlying dataset is large and/or you have a lot of queries, "materializing" the results of the query using a DataFlow may be desirable. If you prefer to use SQL in a DataFlow, you can currently leverage MySQL, Redshift, or Adrenaline DataFlows (depending on which of those you have available in your instance).

    A SQL tile for MagicETL is entering beta soon. This tile will allow you to author SQL which will still execute in parallel with the rest of the MagicETL DataFlow (no impact to parallelization/performance).

  • ArborRose

    I'll have to read up on @timehat's suggestion. I don't use the Views Explorer because I don't want it altering my ability to use standard tools as the warning says. That message always keeps me from exploring…bad pun intended.

    Michelle is absolutely right about speed. Domo's implementation of SQL is horrendous. I too am much more comfortable in MS SQL but stay away from it in Domo unless it's the only way I can implement something.

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