Ability to turn off the "REQUEST MORE ACCESS" button for Social users

We have over 1,200 social users and it is a headache to deal with so many users clicking this button on a weekly basis.

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  • I agree with this. Generally we give social logins because there is a reason we don't want them to have full access. If someone needs a full license that request is handled through other channels, so we don't have a need for this button.

  • Someone please implement this!! I would love to be able to have a custom message there instead of a generic button or even the ability to customize the link myself. We have an intake process for users needing access and hitting this button gives the user a false sense of completing this intake process.

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  • Hi, @ColemenWilson, @MichelleH and @Ashleigh.

    Thanks for the feedback! With such a large body of Social users, I can see how the requests would become a burden. Would you want to remove that button entirely? Or would you rather have more control over what happens when someone clicks the button?

    Will you allow me to broaden the scope of discussion for a moment? Can you share a little more about how you're thinking about Social users? What types of users/personas are you assigning the Social role? What do you want them to do in Domo; and what do you NOT want them to do?

  • @DanBrinton I would love to have more control over what happens. We have a formal process for requesting a license so if I could customize the link to go to our Sharepoint site which has the process then that would be ideal.

    For me, we use social users as like a holding zone. Since we have SSO we require users log in first so an account gets created and then go through the formal License Request Process to increase their role to something above social. If a user has been inactive in Domo for 90 days then we kick them back to social. We get a lot of cases where people say they need Domo, log in once, and then never log in again. To get a better understanding of our target audience we kick inactive people out. Even with consumption and unlimited licenses we would probably still keep the same process. We don't use social users for any other reason except as a holding zone for having an account but not having a license.

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  • Social users are, like Ashleigh said, in a holding position. We want them to have a profile so we have a full hierarchy in Domo and so they can enroll in Domo university trainings. My preference would be to customize the button actions but if that is not realistic then removing it would be my next choice.

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