Extend the grants section for setting up roles to include 'Certified' content

AlexBishop Domo Employee
edited August 2023 in Governance & Security Ideas

It would be good to have a grant / setting so that you could prevent users/roles/groups from seeing uncertified content. If it was added at a grant level for Roles then we could create custom Groups such that some users can see uncertified content, and others can't. This could be separated out by what the object type is (e.g. Card or Dataset) as well.


Read-only - can't see Cards or Datasets that are not certified

Editor - can see both Datasets and Cards that are not certified

Support - can't see Cards that are uncertified but can see Datasets that are not certified

This would help a long way to enforce a "production" layer so customers can ensure only the data that is certified is consumed by their users. Currently users are using naming conventions to get around this but this is not actually enforceable and requires user knowledge etc.

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