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Would be nice to have a feature to add a box around several tiles in order to organise better the dataflow. Sometimes we have a complex dataflow with several business logic and a lot of tiles, and it would be easier to identify the several steps with that boxes.

An example of that is like the one in Unreal Engine:

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    This is another idea that has been requested time and again. I think @Ashleigh has requested it a lot previously. (If it was someone else, oops!)

    I find myself wanting it SO OFTEN!

    Addendum to the screenshot above - I would like to see it not necessarily fully detach the sections, but to simply be able to identify sections and note what is happening in that section. It would also be cool if those sections could then be moved around together, but not a deal breaker.

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  • Yes I have mentioned it a few times! Even just being able to box things in and maybe highlight them a bit would be a step in the right direction. Remember when tiles didn't have notes? haha we have come a long way!