Datasets that are added in the Drill path are not shared with the Dashboard groups

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If you create a Dashboard and share it with Group A, the memebers of that group will have access to all of the cards and datasets on the dashboard for any drills down cards to different datasets that might exist at that time.  You can then update the drill down of a card on that Dashboard creating a card that is linked to a completely new different dataset.  At this point Group A will not have access to that drill card. 

When a user of Group A browses to that drill down they will receive an error "An issue has occured during processing.  We are unable to complete the request at this time." and the data will not be displayed.

You can then Share that same Dashboard to Group B, and they will then have access to all of the cards and drill downs including the ones that Group A do not have access to.

 So despite both groups being granted access to the same Dashboard, they will have different experiences based on the order of events of card creation and dashboard sharing.

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    To clarify, if a drill level is added to a card that goes to a different dataset after the dashboard was shared with Group A, the drill will result in an error for Group A. In other words, Group A does not have access to the different dataset used in the drill even though the dashboard was already shared with them.

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    Supporting your case since we need to go advance with the usage of domo