New Search Ads 360 Reporting API

Bhoomi Domo Employee

As google is recommending SA360 users to migrate to new search ads 360 reporting API that connects to new UI platform, wondering when DOMO connector to new API will be available ??

Below is reference resources for new SA360 reporting API

Migrate to the new Search Ads 360 Reporting API | Search Ads 360 Reporting API (beta) | Google Developers< >;!!JkQWbQ!S130hgcCWmOCUoa8yKPivVV1Dc-Lmj0XWueaD0Tfzkfdlv5nGmdNaEg8RAMO-dy9YrpBv4dNtVsMkYPwSupFXmTj$



  • An alternative would be to have the SA360 data ingested into BigQuery and utilize the BigQuery connector to pull the data.

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