Calculation Error : Domo is having trouble validating this formula


Hello everyone,

We have three SQL formulas that have worked for the better part of a year but twice now will unexpectedly develop a calculation error without any more detail. This stop the flow in our ETL structure. We are trying to transform data in a couple of ways.

Below are the three forumlas that are failing in the ETL structure. All of the fields are in the data and like I said with no changes will start to develop an error.

Formula 1
WHEN LOWER(Campaign) like '%dynamic search%' OR LOWER(Campaign) like '%dynamic - auto%' THEN 'Google Dynamic'
WHEN LOWER(Campaign) like '%shopping%' THEN 'Google Shopping'
WHEN LOWER(Campaign) like '%conventional%' THEN 'Google Conventional'
WHEN LOWER(Campaign) like '%dynamic remarketing%' OR LOWER(Campaign) like '%dynamic rdsa%' THEN 'Google Display Remarketing'
ELSE 'Other'

Formula 2
metrics_impressions / metrics_searchImpressionShare

Formula 3

/ 1000000

All three forumla are in the fx in the ETL structure.

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • MichelleH

    @NickMcGraw Are you using MySQL or MagicETL? Also, is it possible for the metrics_searchImpressionShare field to have a value of zero? If so you may be encountering an error when it tries to divide by zero.