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I was a foolish person and didn't realize that I was editing a different notebook than I intended to. As a result, I lost a couple hours' worth of work and get to rework a problem that was pretty well settled.

Obviously the first/best solution would be for me to not be foolish. Barring that possibility, having the ability to view version histories for notebooks (and cards?), and to be able to restore to previous versions would be extremely helpful in case anyone else makes similar mistakes down the road.

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  • Samuel.
    Samuel. Contributor

    FYI for cards DOMO takes a snapshot of the history after every save. You can view this by going into the card, clicking the card options spanner and then selected the second option 'History' this gives you a visual of what the card looked like in previous iterations.

    Would be useful to have for text inputs though too, agreed.

  • Davery

    That solution would be exactly what I need - if it worked for written/notebook cards :( I'll certainly keep it in mind for data cards though - thank you!