Global Formulas in ETLs

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I would like to have a way to create complex formulas, save them (similar to the Beast Mode Manager) , and then have them available for use in ETLs; when an ETL that contains one of these formulas is executed the current version of the formula would always be used. This would have two use cases (for me):

  • If there is a need to change the formula -- a change in business needs, error fixes, etc. -- it would only need to be changed in one place. Once changed, the updated formula would automatically be used in all ETLs that contain it. This would keep the formula from getting out of sync in the various ETLs that use it when we unknowingly skip one when trying to update them all.
  • If there are multiple paths in an ETL -- for example, I'm trying to calculate member status for each of the past seven days, and this ends up having to be done in seven parallel paths -- changing the formula at the global level would change it in all paths.



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