Is there a way in Domo to show/hide columns in a table type of card ?

vgupta Member
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so I have a table card which has 10 total columns (i.e. column 1-10). I want to give an option on my end application (where I would embed my dashboard) to user to see only selected columns dynamically in this table.

So a user can select that I don't want to see column 5 and column 8, so this table should hide those 2 columns for that user.

How can I achieve this ?


  • amehdad

    Hi @vgupta, currently there isn't a way for users to conditionally hide columns on a table card front-end. You can tailor the the way that card is shown through PDP so that certain user groups can access relevant values.

  • GaryGibb
    GaryGibb Domo Product Manager

    Do these people have access to modify cards? If so then you can get this type of customization by creating a few copies of this table card and then sharing them with different people.

    For example,

    Duplicate card original as card 1 and card 2

    share card 1 with person 1

    share card 2 with person 2

    Then person 1 can modify what is visible in card 1

    Person 2 can modify what is visible in card 2