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Many times new releases add additional things which aren't documented and can silently break dataflows and metadata which we rely on to properly administer our instance. Can we get a list of things that have changed in the release to see what issues we might be running into when monitoring our instance? Could we also get this ahead of time to make sure we can prepare for the new releases?

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  • YES PLEASE. Domo always highlights new thing but never small changes to existing things. These small changes can have HUGE impacts and we often don't find out until months later.

  • trafalger
    trafalger Contributor

    This would be extremely helpful!

  • BLoosli
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  • Thanks @blool1 but that just highlights the new features that are coming out. It doesn't get into technical details about any of the underlying data changing - case in point there's a new activity log type called workbench_JOB which is now different than the old JOB type. When we've configured our data flows to look for the JOB for workbench jobs that's no longer the case causing the DataFlow to silently "fail" (it runs but the data is no longer correct). I'm looking for more detailed technical changes that would affect the administration of my instance.

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  • @DataMaven I know you had some examples of things that changed too, could you provide some here?

  • @GrantSmith, I believe you are likely already aware of this, but posting here for everyone's reference. With Magic ETL v2's release, there are some help docs written to help introduce all that's included in the new Magic ETL as well as specific behavioral differences. I highly recommend reading the Upgrading to Magic ETL v2 article before converting production DataFlows to the new engine.

    What's new in the new Magic ETL?

    Things to know before converting? (i.e. potential gotchas and behavioral changes between the two engines):

  • Agreed! Even with alerts it can be difficult to monitor for unexpected changes in how the data is processed, for example. Many times I find out about releases only after an end-user brings them to my attention, which is not ideal because it can lead to distrust of the product and impact adoption.

    Just knowing when releases occur, which features may be impacted, and who to contact if there are issues would be extremely helpful.

  • This would be amazing! Even if it were gated behind a "Sensei" level or something along those lines, visibility into the changes would be so helpful in being a MajorDomo and managing our communities.

  • TheLookout
    TheLookout Contributor

    I disagree with gating the information.

  • Just commenting to boost this idea. This is a great idea and would be very helpful.

  • Completely agree! The last update with Analyzer on 9/16/2022 has caused a lot of issues.

    Some updates have been good but we have to stumble across them to know they are there.

  • Still a problem over one year later :(

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