Workbench Job Hanging, Dataset stuck on 'Preparing'

walker_page Member
edited May 2021 in Workbench

I have a scheduled Workbench job to update a dataset that typically takes 30ish mins to run. The job started yesterday at 1:37pm and has been stuck on 'Preparing..' in the Result field (on the History tab) since then. I just canceled the workbench job and started a new manual run. It started a new run, but the history tab still shows the previous run as 'Preparing...'. Here is what I'm seeing:

I'm still waiting to see if the manual run will be successful, but any ideas on what might be happening? Could it be related to the size of the dataset?

-------- UPDATE ---------

The manual run was successful, and the row with 'Preparing...' went away. So I guess the issue is resolved, but it would still be nice to know if anyone could shed light on the situation, though I imagine there are a number of possible causes.