How to conditionally format color on Stacked Bar + Symbol Chart


I have a dataset that looks like this:

Each row is a day an employee was active. If this was the employee's first day, Hire Flag = 1, else 0. If this was the employee's last day, Term Flag = 1, else 0. I am building a chart to show hires, terms and net over time. It looks like this:

I am using a Symbol + Stacked Bar chart type. Each pair of bars represents a day. The light bar is sum(Hire Flag), the dark bar is sum(-1*Term Flag). Net is a beast mode that looks like this:

I want to conditionally color the net symbol. If less than 0, red; if greater than or equal to 0, green. I set up my color rules like this:

However, this is not rendering in the chart as I expected. In the picture of the chart above, you see that the symbols remained blue. Yet, in the legend there were series added for my color rules, but those are not visible on the chart.

Any ideas on how to set up my color rules so this renders correctly? Thanks!


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I tried setting color rules on a basic stacked + symbol card and it looks as though the color rules don't apply to symbols. They only apply to the bars. That is an unfortunate limitation. I would submit this in the Ideas Exchange section of the Dojo to make that an option. Not sure why they would limit it.

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