How to setup the YouTube API to work with the Enterprise Advanced Connector?


I'm trying to build cards using the YouTube Enterprise Advanced Connector and when I select some of the reports from the API/dataset configuration it doesn't pull any data. I've tried several different ways to pull in a simple subscriber count, but I either get the wrong number (compared to what I see in the YouTube analytics) or I don't get any data. The one dataset I thought would work is under the "Content Owner (beta)" API and the report is "Geographic Activity Including Subscriber Count" and when I run it I get no data.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @JaredUJZ 


    When you created the API secret and key were you logged into your account that you're wanting to pull data down to? Do you have the Data API enabled for that API project in google's platform?


    If you import the Data API -> Channels report into Domo are you getting the correct channel information you're expecting? (Name, description etc.)  Do the subscriber counts line up?



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  • JaredUJZ

    Yeah, when I run it for channels I get the right channel. I'm trying to get some ad performance data and they all come back blank, but I'm showing some of that in my YouTube dashboard.

  • tbrock
    tbrock Contributor

    Did you ever resolve this? @JaredUJZ Would be curious to know as I'm seeing something similiar.

    I work for Domo.
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  • HowDoIDomo
    HowDoIDomo Contributor

    Like @tbrock, I'm in a similar situation. Have you found a resolution?