Some content is too tall to export


Trying to export a dashboard with lots of cards to a PDF. 

The PPT download won't hold dashboard filters when exported. 

The email scheduled report does not send the entire dashboard only part of it. 


What are users doing as a workaround for exporting reports to external (non-domo) users. 


This is all robust financial reporting for external investors. Tons of tables, no more than 25 rows each. 


  • MichelleH

    @DP_DynamicData I agree with @amehdad about the email option, this has also worked well for me.

    As another note on sub-dividing your dashboard, you are more likely to run into content being too tall if your "layouts" contain multiple cards that are vertically stacked. You can avoid the content too tall message by dragging new layouts into the dashboard as opposed to adding more cards to existing layouts. When you export a dashboard to PDF or PPT, Domo will typically not insert page breaks in the middle of layouts, so separating content into multiple layouts ensures that there are logical page breaks.