What is the point of getting certified?

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I just completed my Level 1 data specialist cert. All that I got out of it to show I'm certified is a PDF of a 'certificate of completion.' What is the point of paying for the certification if there is no legitimate, verifiable credential through something like BadgeCert? Is this something that will be coming down the road?


I just see no justification for having paid for a PDF.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @MosesWynn , I'm interested to know what you were expecting to get out of a certification.  (I'm not trolling, it's defo information that should get passed back to Domo and Carolynn and team).


    I think the idea is to build up a community as well as have a verifiable credential that makes you a bit more marketable as you go on to your next job or negotiate your next salary increase.  


    Domo is growing in the BI space and it's defo hard to find people who know Domo so it makes you a more marketable commodity once you're in the community...


    For example, forr myself as a freelance consultant, I know I can charge double the rates of a PowerBI consultant b/c there just aren't that many Domo consultants running around.

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  • MosesWynn

    @jaeW_at_OnyxThanks for your response!


    All of the actual knowledge is free, the only reason to actually get certified is for the credential. The credential provided is nothing more than a PDF certificate. Other certifications I have received have had an actual verifiable credential through some kind of provider. So, that is what I was expecting.

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