Unable to pull over Jira Issue <> Salesforce Account Associations

I am looking to pull over Jira Issue "Salesforce Associations" that are enabled through a Jira <> Salesforce integration.  They tag Jira tickets to the associated Salesforce Accounts.  We already use the Jira Rest API Domo Connector but I cannot get the dimension/column to come across with the "Standard Ticket Report" option.  I suspect it is because it is not part of the standard report.  The specific dimension I am looking for is "salesforceAssociatedIds".  The Jira Domo connector even seems to recognize when we use it in the JQL Query configuration but the dimension does not pull through.  ex. "salesforceAssociatedIds is not empty" works in Jira Advanced search. 
Any thoughts on how to get this data to come over?
I have also looked on the Jira Rest API docs and did not see "Associations" or "Salesforce".  Ref. https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v3/api-group-issue-custom-field-options--apps-/#api-group-issue-custom-field-options--apps-


I believe this is the source of the Jira integration being used.  https://docs.servicerocket.com/salesforce-jira/user-guide/working-with-associations/associating-a-salesforce-object-from-jira