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I have an activity log for every activity a user creates on our website. I want to calculate for a time period the number of users that have visited once, 2-5 times, 6-12 times and 13+ or some such off the activity date and user ID. In SQL I would create a dataset of visits by user ID then group by that - however I want to avoid creating another flow and just work off the activity logs dataset.



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Same as my response to your previous post, I don't think you can accomplish the bucketing you desire without pre-aggregating your data and then creating buckets based on an aggregated dataset (because you'd have to include  UserID in the GROUP BY clause in order to calculate the number of visits per user BEFORE bucketing the count of visits / activities).

    if you have the dataset views beta, you could avoid creating an ETL specifically for summarizing the data.  If you don't have the beta yet, talk to your CSM.  In the DataSet Views Beta you could create a calculated column / Beast Mode on the Count.

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