Hiding a row in a table


Hello, i am not sure if there is a way around it without making a call in the ETL. I am trying to find a way to hide a row or rows of records in the table on my dashboard and way to bring it back again if i want it on the end user side. I don't think this feature is there yet but would want to double check it before posting it in the exchange ideas page.



if i have a table of 30 employee records and their activity. 5 employee quits. I would not want to see their records in the table on the dashboard unless i specifically ask for it. So a feature like once i hide it, it should be hidden as long as i don't want that record to be shown on the table.


Thank you.


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    A couple of options that you may/may not have tried;

    1) Maintain a table (a webform is probably best) of employees that are flagged as "QUIT", and in a Magic ETL, join your employee table to this "Exited Employees" webform. You should be able to set it up to have a new column with a "TRUE/FALSE" column for "Quit status". Use this field as a filter (probably a 'quick filter') in your card analyzer.

    2) Easier to implement, harder to maintain, is to create a beast mode field in the card, using a CASE statement. Call the beast mode field something like "Employee Status" and a CASE statement like;


    WHEN `employee_name` = 'Joe Smith' THEN 'QUIT'

    WHEN `employee_name` = 'Mary Jones' THEN 'QUIT'



    - You should be able to use this new beast mode field as a card filter. But, the list of quit employees is buried in the beast mode code and may not be easy to maintain/change over time.

    Option 1 is slightly more complex to implement, but is much easier to maintain, ongoing. Just update an employees status in the web form dataset, as opposed to havign to modify beast mode code.

    You can also use a page level filter to show/hide these rows in your tables on your dashboard too.

    Hope that helps!

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