Monthly Average



I want to create a Table Chart to show the service level by month for this Fiscal Year.

I've created a calculation to get the service level --> (1-(SUM(`Lost Sales`)/(SUM(`Lost Sales`)+SUM(`Sales`))))*100

And now I want to calculate the Monthly Average of Service Level


In a line chart, I can manage it with date selection (graph by month), but with table chart, this option is not available, so this is a calculation I've created for Service Level AVG in January 2019 but it's not working (I didn't get any result):

case when CONCAT(MONTH(`Date`),YEAR(`Date`))=12019 then AVG(1-(SUM(`Lost Sales`)/(SUM(`Lost Sales`)+SUM(`Sales`))))end


Is that the correct way to do that ot there's other solution?


Thanks in advance.




  • JasonAltenburg

    Hello Judit, Is there a reason why you would need to do the case statement for only the January month?  


    I would think you would want to create the beast mode for the Service Level, and then another beast mode for the Month/Year. Then you would end up with an average that displays along side the month label.  This offers the advantage of being able to apply the date filters to the card with Domo instead of being locked in a beast mode which may be confusing to an end user.

    SVL example.png


    If this doesn't answer the question, I would be curious if you could share some example data and an example of what you expect the output of the beast mode to be.


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