Label only certain values in nested bar


I need to show how the value of a selected group compares to the overall by month.  I have a nested bar started but need some help with the formatting.  I can theorize accomplishing this in a couple of ways but not sure how to accomplish either in Domo:

1) (preferred) - eliminate the 'Unique Submissions' segment which i have colored as gray so it will disappear into the 'Group Total' bar.  I would love it if the chart just compared the values in the green subset to the gray overall

2) if the above isn't possible, then i want to remove the 'floating' percentage at the top of the gray bar that represents the 'Unique Submissions' segment and just show the percentage represented by the green bar.


Nested Bar.png


Can anyone help?


  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


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