Forecast Variance App Installation Guide

twhip Domo Employee
App Name:Forecast Variance


SECTION 1: Publisher Information


Publisher Name:Acceleration
Support Phone:801-805-9505
Support Web



SECTION 2: Standard DataSet Information  


App DataSet NameConnector NameConnector Report Name



SECTION 3: Custom DataSet Information 


DataSet Name:Forecast Variance Report

What is the DataSet used for?

This DataSet contains summary metrics for actuals and forecasts in various regions

Field Name

Data TypeReport Name / Object NameSourceDescription of FieldPrimary key?
DateDateCustom ReportCRM SystemThe week-ending date 
SiteTextCustom ReportCRM SystemThe sales office 
Forecasted UnitsNumberCustom ReportPlanning SystemThe amount of units that were forecasted to be sold by this office 
Units SoldNumberCustom ReportPlanning SystemThe amount of units that were actually sold by this office 
Forecasted SalesNumberCustom ReportCRM/Planning SystemThe USD value of the sales that were forecasted for this office 
Actual SalesNumberCustom ReportPlanning SystemThe USD value of the sales that were actually generated by this office 



SECTION 4: Implementation Steps

Step 1: Create a report in your CRM system that contains the above field information

Step 2: Connect the report into Domo

Step 3: (Optional) Prepare the data by renaming the fields

Step 4: Switch the sample cards over to the live data

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