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I currently have a card setup with an alert that will go off if the summary number increases by 1.


A couple of questions around this:

1. Will this alert trigger if it increases by more than 1?

2. Is there a way to show exactly what has changed on the card when the alert goes off? For more context, this is a table with many rows. The alert will go off when there is a new row, but it can be hard to tell what specific row was added to the table. Is there anyway that the alert can also show what has changed?





  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • shummer
    shummer Domo Employee

    Hi user01263,


    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes the alert will trigger if the number increases by more than 1


    2. Currently, there is no functionality for alerts that show specific row changes within a card. The only option currently available is to set up alerts based on the summary number in a table card.

    Hopefully, that answers your question. Let me know if it doesn't.



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