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  • Great! thanks @GrantSmith So I was able to push the data in DOMO. To initially push the data into DOMO, you would have to use the following syntax: from pydomo import Domo domo = Domo('client-id','secret id', api_host='api.domo.com') (as mentioned in the link) d = domo.ds_create(df, 'name you want to provide in DOMO') P.S…
  • So basically, I import the data as a CSV or an Excel sheet initially --> get the ID then add that to the script? (Which would anyways be my plan B) but won't I be able to push it in DOMO without the initial dataset ID?
  • Hello, So I have been through this documentation, I couldn't understand the part where it mentions adding the dataset Id from the URL. 'car_data = domo.ds_get('2f09a073-54a4-4269-8c62-b776e67d59f0')' Since my dataset is still local to my system. Moreover isn't this only for datasets inside domo databases? Not sure what I…
  • I got it actually, it was just me not allowing Google to download my data during authentication. Once I had that in place, things worked fine.
  • Hey Grant, Thank you for your response. I am using the Google Analytics Advanced Connector. In the past there were employees who have used this connector more than once, not sure why it would break now (even with the similar configurations). Moreover, I am also not sure what you mean by CSM.