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  • I'm referring to the web-based SQL Server connector. Thank you, that's a good idea about the alternative connector, I will consider that after I find the culprit dataset.
  • I am having this same situation. The person that set these up is no longer with us and I would like their connectors switched over to me. I am simultaneously trying to set up my own connectors (also unsuccessfully ) and would like to know if this I could leverage these already set-up accounts since I'm having difficulty.
  • Adding another comment for visibility. This has also been posted to the ideas exchange but it isn't getting many votes.
  • Hi Mark, I did try that, but the obstacle I'm coming across is that the variable I want to display is one other than the category, series, or value, which is why I wanted to put it in a tooltip that I could then include in the hover text. However, the tooltip is not available to me in this heat map, so I'm wondering if…