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  • @carthur - I'm experiencing something similar with custom managed attributes being used in Dynamic PDP policies (the preview works as expected, but in practice, the user cannot see any rows of data; datasets are shared with the user). Curious, did Domo support resolve this for you already? For additional context, if I use…
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  • Here is a useful article explaining the =GOOGLEFINANCE() function native to Google Sheets: Then just connect that google sheet to Domo, and you should be set!
  • Thanks @AS for the quick reply. What I am currently doing as a work around is actually pumping the Redshift output through a Magic ETL and doing the renaming there, similar to what you suggest with MySQL. It is messy though having that extra step. Looking forward to the data center updates! 
  • Domo support confirmed this is a bug: "Our development team has found a fix for the reported behavior. This is currently going through initial testing to ensure the proposed changes will fix this behavior." Case #05657225