TDanis Domo Employee


  • @farmboy Grant is right. There currently is no Clover connector. It might be easier to use the JSON No Code OAuth connector to get data into Domo faster. Within the settings you can visually choose how you parse your data. Clovers API docs look pretty well organized and intuitive.
  • @CaitlynMaddox I would recommend using a dataset view to quickly rename the columns or you can send it through an ETL and rename the columns that way.
  • @mdm_sfo It sounds like you are referring to a writeback connector. You can select the output Dataset of your dataflow and input it into a writeback connector. Reach out to your CSM or a member of your accounts team to try the 30-day trial of the writeback connector. There is also Integration Studio that allows you to add…
  • That is painful! I too have learned this the hard way.
  • If you already haven't found a workaround. Domo has an option in the Governance toolkit called PDP Automation you can easily upload or reference a dataset to control your PDP. /admin/governance-toolkit/pdp-automation
  • were you able to pull data using that hostname. I saw that listed on I wasn't sure if that was to just to be able to execute tasks.