More query params for ListDatasets


Endpoint: (GET)

As a data engineer, I am trying to programmatically list multiple datasets using specific parameters. When I use the UI, I have multiple filters such as Last Run, Type, Owned by, etc. However, the datasets API only supports 'namelike.'

It would be awesome if we can use the same filters that we have in the UI via API.

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  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    Hi @sebastian_galindo

    There is an undocumented API endpoint you can hit to search/query datasets based on various criteria. I dont have a working example, but if you click on Data in the UI, right click to open the Inspector, go to network and spy on traffic, you will see that Domo hits the following API whenever you add a filter to search for specific criteria:

    You can also take note of the payload Domo sends when hitting this API. You can use it to better understand what data you need to send to this endpoint to get the results your looking for. In my environment it looks like this:

    I hope this helps!

  • sebastian_galindo

    @ellibot Thanks for your suggestion but it seems that I cannot generate a token for full authentication. I am using my client id and secret, is there something else I need to do to access this API?

  • ellibot
    ellibot Contributor

    @sebastian_galindo since this is a product API (not a public API), you will need to authenticate with either a session token or developer token. Here’s a tutorial video on how to do that: